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Key information to get you up and running in Ireland.

On arriving to Ireland there's a few things that you will need to take care of, the NZIA has put together the below information to help get you started.

Visas and Work Permits


Depending on how long you wish to stay in Ireland and whether you wish to work legally while you are here will dictate what type of visa you will require. Those wanting to work will need to either be eligible for either a Working Holiday Visa that will be valid for 12 months (you must be aged 18-30) or an employment permit. Restrictions apply as to who can apply for these and the process varies.


For employment permit information, see here
For working holiday visa information, see here










Somewhere to live


Unfortunately, in the key urba areas there is currently a shortage of quality accomodation. The best place to look is but you'll need to be very quick and unfortunately be prepared for many people to be viewing the same property. Ensure you have references and a deposit (normally a months rent) plus a months rent in advance ready.


If you are working, keep your ear to the ground for friends who may know of accomodation coming up - before it is advertised.


Opening a bank account


AIB, Bank of Ireland, Permanent TSB and Ulster Bank are the four main retail banks operating here. In the last few years they have upped their game in terms of products and services but be prepared for a step back compared to banks in New Zealand.


All offer branch, phone and mobile banking. International payments can also be made via your bank, normally through their website banking service.


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