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Kiwi baking ideas...

You might be a long way from New Zealand but that doesn't mean you have to go without some of the classic kiwi baked treats, here's a couple of our favourites. Got one to add? Email us at so we can share it!

Pavlova (or simply a 'Pav')


The birth place of the pav continues to be debated, was it New Zealand or was it Australia. We like to think it's NZ back in the 1920s.


A good soft marshmellow middle with a crispy base, don't foget the fresh cream and sliced kiwi fruit and strawberrys to finish it off - edible all year round!


From start to finish in about two hours, see a recipe for the perfect pav here

Lolly cake


A sweet treat for every kiwi kid, don't think about the calorie count here.


In Ireland you won't be able to get the eskimos required but most supermatkets have good soft puff alternatives.


Easy to make then put in the fridge to set for four hours, see a receipe here






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