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Get Involved...

The NZIA is a volunteer run organisation, you can sign up to receive our regular emails or, to receive reduced entry to our events become a paid up member by purchasing an annual membership.

The NZIA Newsletter


If you would like to receive our regular emails, please send your details to


These ae normally sent every 1-2 months and you can unsubscribe at any time.



Annual Memberships


A single membership is priced at just €25 per year, the ideal way to meet up wth old and new friends at our events.


For those households with more than one adult that would like to attend our events, a family membership is avaliable at just €35 per year.

Due to COVID-19 we are not running any events therefore memberships are currently unavailable.






Rest assured...


Your yearly subscription to the New Zealand Ireland Association is used to fund events and some overheads for the Association's members. All the committee members volunteer their time and energy to arrange events and activities for our members. Membership subscriptions are collected into the Association's bank account for which a financial summary is provided every year at the association's Annual General Meeting.



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